Hyundai Porto Half Marathon is back on road on a very festive morning

After a long stop on road races, the 14th edition of the Hyundai Porto Half Marathon was the debut event in Portugal.

With visible emotion on the faces of both, athletes and organization, and all properly protected with masks, the long-desired return to the road was a true athletics party.

At 8:00 am, Fernanda Ribeiro, one of the best Portuguese athletes ever, kicked off what was one of the most desired editions of the Hyundai Porto Half Marathon.

Following all the safety protocols required in a pandemic context, the participants started their race in Rua do Ouro, in a contagious joy that was extended along the 21 km of the race.

Portuguese won the competition for the first time in history

Unprecedentedly, this year the podium was filled only by Portuguese athletes. Luís Saraiva (SC Braga) was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 01:03:11, followed by Filipe Vitorino (CN Rio Maior), with a time of 01:04:35, and Fábio Oliveira (ACD S. João da Serra), with the time 01:04:36.

In the female competition, it was Solange Jesus (SC Feirense) who first cut the finish line with a time of 01:15:43. In second place was Sara Duarte (ACD S. João da Serra) with a time of 01:15:56. Vanessa Carvalho (SC Braga) closed the podium finishing the race in 01:16:08.

The awards ceremony was attended by Jorge Vieira, President of the Portuguese Athletics Federation, Vítor Dias, Northern Regional Director of the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, César Navio, Ágora administrator, representing the Porto City Council, Nuno Pedrinho from Vila Nova de Gaia City Council, Paulo Ferreira from Hyundai, Jorge Teixeira the General Director of Runporto, and also Fernanda Ribeiro.

Everyone was so anxious to cross the finish line that Jardim do Calém was filled with the many smiles of all those who, at their own pace, were completing their Half Marathon.

The organization praises all athletes who carefully followed all safety rules and made it an event of this dimension safely possible.

The next edition of the Hyundai Porto Half Marathon is already scheduled, it will be on the 18th of September 2022.